Driveway Cleaning with Pressure Washing

The highly pressurised system is really effective for treating all manner of driveway surfaces. Algae, moss, grease, tyre marks and oil stains are oftne some of the more common stains and blemishes on a stone driveway.


Our driveway cleaning equipment.

A high powered pressurised floor based rotary water system is used in driveway cleaning, much like patio cleaning, driveways are often constructed with some of the same materials, such as block paving being used. The rotary machine directs highly pressurised water in a downward and contained area. This literally abrasively rips the dirty surface away from the stone, which remains tough enough to stand up to this treatment.

Once the driveway cleaning has taken place we often treat the drive with sand if it contains gaps such as paving blocks and with a clear sealant that helps to keep the driveway surface sheilded from algae, oil stains and other stains from penetrating the surface of the stone driveway.

Driveway Cleaning Treatment.

As mentioned after a driveway has been cleaned we can use a sealant, paint and sometimes sand to return the driveway back to the way it was when laid down. These tarmac and block sealing agents are available on request. The benefit of using them is that they create a waterproof, non-slip surface which also repels weeds and algae from returning back to the driveway once it has been cleaned.