Patio Cleaning with Pressure Washing

Patios often get dirty over a period of time with lichens, grease and other types of dirt and plant life that will age the appearance of the stone.

The best way to remove all of this and to bring the stone patios or wooden decking back up to looking new is by using a pressure washer.

By jet cleaning these surfaces with water we can take years off the way a patio or your decking looks. This keeps your outside areas looking and feeling new.

Using the latest equipment GB PRESSURE CLEANING are able to restore block paving, tarmac, natural stone, brick, concrete and almost any other hard surface to near original condition.

There is also a safety aspect to having your patio cleaned. Algae and dirt build up can create slippery and hazardous surfaces that may cause a fall.

If you are thinking of selling your property then an investment in getting your patio cleaned can actually help with giving your outdoor areas a face lift.


Our patio cleaning equipment.

Pressure wahing and jet cleaning is performed by using  machinery that is capable of removing the built up dirt and stains from driveways, pathways and patios as well as walls and cladding. We use the latest rotary floor cleaners and turbo lances. These are powered by petrol hot water pressure washers that can create 300 bar of pressure if needed.

Hot water pressure system for cleaning patios.

Our latest investment is in a pressurised hot water system. Hot water adds to the energy of the cleaning process and also helps with removing the more stubborn stains. Moss, Lichen and Algae are also removed in the patio clenaing process.

Patio Cleaning Treatment.

Once the patio has been washed we can also sand and re-seal any cracks and gaps within the paving stones or block paving.  A water based sealer and algae protector can also be applied on request to lengthen the re-clean time needed and keep the patio healthy.

Wooden Decking Cleaning.

Wooden decking is cleaned using a lower pressure to prevetn damage to the softer wood material. This can then be treated once clean with a clear wood preservative.